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Global Approaches to Intersectionality

Global Approaches to Intersectionality is a collaborative, interdisciplinary research project sponsored by the Rock Ethics Institute’s Critical Philosophy of Race Initiative and the Africana Research Center.  The project is designed to catalyze research into theories of race, gender, class, sexuality and other intersections of identity in three sites: Rwanda, South Africa and the US.

This speaker series is designed to foster a sustained conversation with intellectuals in southern as well as northern contexts on themes at the intersection of class, race, sexuality, gender, and other vectors of identity in relation to Africa, especially South Africa.  Topics include: an investigation of the theoretical resources that best meet the challenges facing so-called “postcolonial” Africa; how the theoretical resources developed from the African experience can enrich US theorizing on race and other vectors of identity.

For more information, please visit: Global Approaches to Intersectionality