URE 2014 Winners

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Briana Adams

Department of Communication Arts & Sciences

College of the Liberal Arts

Nominated by Jack Selzer, Ph.D.

"Thurgood Marshall's "State of the Negro Address'"


Arianna De Reus

Community, Environment and Development

College of Agricultural Sciences

Nominated by Ted Alter, Ph.D.

"Achieving Water Security in Senegal: Rural and Urban Water Access and Sanitation Challenges"


Anne Maucieri

Department of English

Division of the Arts and Humanities—Altoona campus

Nominated by Megan Simpson, Ph.D

"The Personal Consequences of Mythical Democracy: Black Female Citizenship"


Alexis Bascombe - "Michelle Obama:  Standing Up in a Crooked Room"

Jonathan Callan - "Designing Sustainable Revenue Models for CHW-Centric Entrepreneurial Ventures"

Matt Crager - "'The Clock Will Not Be Turned Back': A Rhetorical Analysis"

Christina Cruz - "Afro-Columbian"

Brooke Durham - "'He' and 'I': Hybrid Identity in Mouloud Feraoun’s “Le Fils du pauvre"

Bronson Ford - "Julian Bod on 'Meet the Press'"

Kira Hydock - "A Comparison of Zulu and Rwandan Basketry Past and Present"

Ebony Martin - "Becoming American: The Ethnic Juxtaposition of African Women in America"

Rhoda Moise - "Quantity Versus Quality:  Exploring the Roles of Afterschool Participation and Connectedness to Youth Problem Behavior"

Carina Pena - "The African Influence on the Dominican Republic"

Jacob Shevrin - "The Forgotten Foundations of Mathematics in Ancient Africa"

Emily Spera - "Endangered African Wild Dogs: The Influence of Spotted Hyaena in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania"

Grace Warkulwiz - "Importance of Interactive Small Group Discussions to Educate Community Health Workers"