Nelson Maldonado-Torres: 3 Day Event

Nelson Maldonado-Torres: 3 Day Event
Nelson Maldonado-Torres
Day 2 - Frantz Fanon, Combative Decoloniality, and the Abolition of the Humanities: a workshop by Nelson Maldonado-Torres
Nelson Maldonado-Torres
Feb 8, 2024,
– 2:00pm

This workshop will serve as an introduction to combative decoloniality through the consideration of theoretical analyses and concrete examples.

Preparatory Readings
Nelson Maldonado-Torres, “Outline of Ten Theses on Coloniality
and Decoloniality,” Frantz Fanon Foundation, Oct. 2016
Mireille Fanon Mendés France and Nelson Maldonado-Torres,
“For a Combative Decoloniality Sixty Years after Fanon’s Death:
An Invitation from the Frantz Fanon Foundation”
Nelson Maldonado-Torres, “What is Decolonial Critique?,”
Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal, 41.1 (2020): 157-183
Nelson Maldonado-Torres, “Liberation Philosophy and the Search
for Combative Decoloniality: A Fanonian Approach” (Draft)
Nelson Maldonado-Torres, “Combative Decoloniality and the
Abolition of the Humanities: A Manifesto” (Draft)
Decolonial Operations Manual (See QR Code)

Dewey Room, W-043 Paterno Library